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The Christmas Toy Run To
Dr Barnardoes 1980-2000

Nameless MCC Toy Run Video 1990

The Toy Run to Dr Barnardoes was started in 1980 by members of Barrow Bikers Motorcycle Club to get some good publicity. At that time bikers in the Furness area did not have a very good reputation. So the toy Run was started to raise money for Dr barnardoes by the means of a fancy dress pub crawl. The Toy Run was to be held between Christmas and New Year. This carried on until 1982 when Barrow Bikers M.C.C. folded.
In 1983 Nameless MC.C. was formed from former members of Barrow Bikers M.C.C. and a few members of Formula Furness M.C.C. In our first year we organised our first rally this added to the money raised for the Toy Run. Over the next nine years there were thirteen rallies held. Ninty Miles to Nowhere rally and the Spitin Pig rally were very successful over the years. The rallies were also popular with the local rock and blues bands. We also held rock nights in Barrow some of the bands were nationally known. Some of the act was names like Dr Feelgood, Engine, The Hamsters and Roy Harper. In the late eighties the interest in bike club was dwindling away. In late 1991 Nameless M.C.C. folded after nine good years. This was the end of the fancy dress pub crawl.
The Toy Run was then taken over by the Harley Riders of Great Britain in 1992. Some of these people were ex members of Nameless M.C.C. In 1993 a new club to Barrow started the Motorcycle Action Group who participated in the Toy Run. The Toy Run carried on until 1990 when Dr Barnardoes at Barrows Green near Kendal was closed down. In the last nine years of the run the money was raised by rallies and parties.
Over the twenty years that the Toy Run was running there was just under £25,000 raised by various clubs in the Furness area. All this money went to The Dr Barnardoes charity at Barrows Green near Kendal. Some years we bought them beds, televisions and disco equipment..
A point to mention that all the local Motorcycle Dealers and pubs donated prizes for the rafles we held at the rallyies and parties.

My last words on the run are that it was a good attempt to change the lives of
under privileged and mentally handicapped Children